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Signed up on Dreamwidth, just because. I don't use LJ enough to care about the changes the staff have done lately, but I figured this was as good of a time to take advantage of the open registration on DW. I agree eliminating comment titles is an incredibly dumb idea though.

Undecided on whether to import some of my older entries onto here. Some of it I don't wish to look upon ever again, while others I'm thinking to keep to glance at sometimes whenever I get into one of those moods.

I guess we'll see if I will actually post here with some sort of regularity or if it'll fall into the same cesspool of whiny complaints like my LJ. =P
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[personal profile] acenoi 2012-03-27 06:18 am (UTC)(link)
And I'll still be around to give out ok advice if it does end up being full of whiny complaints.

I mean, what?